Speculative diagrams: Experiments in mapping Youtube

Betti Marenko & David Benqué on 2019-04-02

Paper for the Research Through Design conference 2019

Speculative diagrams: plotting to reclaim algorithmic prediction

Betti Marenko and David Benqué on 2019-01-17

Presentation given at the Art, Materiality and Representation conference organised by the Royal Anthropological Institute at the British Museum on the 3rd of June 2018.

The Flower and the Future

David Benqué on 2018-09-28

I gave a talk about the Iris Dataset at This Happened London #27: Colossal Dust: Practices of Obsession and Investigation.


David Benqué on 2018-03-27

A workshop for the MA Graphic Media Design, London College of Communication. The graph database as a tool for critical investigation and speculative imagination.

Anticipation 2017

David Benqué on 2017-11-10

My contribution to the Anticipation 2017 conference. I talked about a work-in-progress, The Monistic Almanac.

Predicting the Future from the Stars

David Benqué on 2017-09-18

Interview with Dr. Roberto Trotta, Reader in astrophysics at Imperial College London.

Counting the Future

David Benqué on 2016-09-09

Minimum Viable Product, presented at the 4S/EASST conference in Barcelona, Spain.